Your 5-minute lesson on “enjoying the journey”

Your 5-minute lesson on "enjoying the journey"
Us = never happy. (And bear in mind this photo was taken on Christmas Day. In Paris. By an ice-skating rink. And we’d just stroked a puppy. We’re not even kidding.)

We had an exciting week in the Mish-and-Rob household. Here’s what happened:

  • We were interviewed for the podcast Entrepreneur on Fire (Mish is still cringing at her answers and wishes she could do it all over again, but you know, pretty exciting nonetheless).
  • We booked our trip to Thailand for next year.
  • Rob got a book deal (for a book about property investment).
  • We launched our forum, and it’s going mega-super-duper brilliantly already.
  • We did some great work for a lovely client.
  • We got to see the first designs for our Mortified Cow book (which will be available as a downloadable PDF).

All in all, awesome.

Except Mish has a stye on her eye, eczema all over her face, and cuticles that look like they’ve been tortured. As for Rob… his “nervous swallow” has resurfaced with a vengeance, as has his “nervous snoring” (apparently that’s a thing)… and he’s pulling out his eyebrow hair like never before.

WTF is what we say. Can we never be happy?

Seems not.

One of the questions all interviewees get asked on Entrepreneur on Fire (apart from us, which is a shame because we had the answer all planned out) is: “Have you had an ‘I’ve made it’ moment?”

Most people say something about celebrating small wins along the way rather than a big, all-out “I’ve made it” moment that signals the end of the journey. For us, though, it’s clear we’re not even doing that. Which is insaaaane, because we’ve come so far over the past week – let alone the past year.

But we just can’t relax. We can’t appreciate the little wins or the little achievements, because as soon as we’ve done our little jig of happiness, we’re already worrying about whether it was actually an achievement, or how we can follow it up, or if it was just a fluke.

Our pre-prepared answer to the EOFire interview question went along these lines: “For us, doing work we love and that we think matters is our ‘I’ve made it’ moment, so we have those moments the whole time.”

And if we’d actually had the opportunity to say it, we now realise it would have been a bit of a fib. Because yes we DO absolutely love the work we do, but at the moment we’re too darn busy worrying instead of enjoying. We’ve forgotten to appreciate and enjoy the incredible journey – the one where we’re doing great work and losing track of time because we’re so engrossed in doing it and loving it. Instead, every time we stop for a second, we start to worry instead.

A year and a half ago, we were in jobs that we were a bit fed-up with, working at companies that were struggling. Now we’re doing exactly the work we want to be doing, with all the freedom we could ask for.

If you’re in the same position as us, please, do something for us: don’t forget to enjoy it all. Sorry to go all Oprah on you here, but remember: even when stuff goes wrong, at least it’s stuff that you’re in control of and that you can fix. And when stuff goes right, congratulate yourself, do a jig for joy, and DON’T YOU DARE START WORRYING. Because you deserve to be massively proud of yourself. And because it wasn’t your eyebrows’ fault – and your cuticles did nothing to you.

And we promise we’ll try too – because otherwise we’d just be hypocrites… and then we’d start worrying about that too.