Why we’re starting new business ventures

Why we're starting new business ventures
…And we’re very excited about them all

We had “one of those weeks” this week. A week where a client was being a knobend (sorry clients who read this – we’re probably not talking about you if that helps), it rained a lot, we ran out of M&Ms and our motivation died a bit because we terrified ourselves into thinking about a lot of “what if?” scenarios and freezing up in the process.

Yup, it’s #totallylameproblems in the scheme of things – especially as we’re still loving the vast majority of our client work and the rain has already stopped. (The M&M situation has been partially resolved with some fake Aldi substitutes that will do for now.)

For a few months now we’ve been planning some new “business ventures”, and this past week has made us even more certain that we’re doing the right thing. You see, we want other streams of income for if we ever decide to focus on just a few key clients with Mortified Cow – spending the rest of our time on other projects. There are so many other business opportunities out there, and we want to try them all and see how they go.

We’ve already got a few little projects on the side – like our many very weird books, our “about page” writing service (effectively productised client work), and some property investment in the UK. But we want to do more.

So – to give you a sneak peek into what we’ve been planning, here’s what we’ll be launching soon:


(As-yet-unnamed, but Mish – the world’s biggest fan of acronyms – wants to go with “Anywhereists Really Should Enter” or “Community Of Doers”)

This is less a sneak peak and more of a “Yes we promise we’re getting an effing move on”. Our forum will be for people who’ve started up their own business/freelancing career, and who are focused on taking action to make it work – rather than type about what Seth Godin said about being remarkable lately.

It’ll contain heaps of awesome people (including you, we hope), lots of resources like training videos, and exclusive access to special events and meetups.

It’ll be free forever for our founder members, then after that we’ll have a monthly fee for everyone else.

Training course

This is equally exciting: we’ve been working our little British bottoms off this month, putting together a series of training videos about how to build a business to be proud of while travelling the world and loving your life.

It’s a step-by-step process to getting started with a viable client-facing business that you’ll love and nurture. But as the biggest problem people face is going without money when starting out, we’ve also got a whole module dedicated to earning money straight away – while you research and set up your new business.

We’ll also show how you can shift your client work into additional business models once you’ve had some experience – just like we’re doing.

We’ll be selling this at a premium price for people who REALLY want to make a go of this.

Mortified Cow free booklet

Soon you’ll be able to download a free booklet from the Mortified Cow website. It contains descriptions of the key business principles we put in place for our clients – stuff like niching down, sharing information around, and pushing the wrong people away. It’s beautifully designed, crammed with tons of case studies, and we want business owners to use it even if they don’t want to hire us for our services.

We’re hoping the download will make people aware of how they can improve their business, and give us some exposure at the same time.

And there you have it! We wanted you to be the first to know, because you’re lovely. And also because we want to show how starting any sort of business or project will lead you on to other business ideas and other ways of making money in future. For example, it was only through starting Mortified Cow and MIA that we had the knowledge of our target market to come up with these ideas.

Of course, everything might be horrendously unsuccessful. But as we keep saying, we won’t know for sure until we just go for it. So we’re going for it. After we’ve found some real M&Ms. Because actually, these substitutes aren’t peanuty enough.