Time crawls when you’re having fun

For some reason, I have an unhealthy fixation with the passing of time. If I had to put a coin in a jar every time I said “I can’t believe it’s September already” or “How can it be three o’clock?”… well, we’d be carrying around a really heavy jar which would pay havoc with our baggage allowance.

I don’t know where this fixation comes from – perhaps because I’m so busy seizing every moment by learning new keyboard shortcuts that I never want it to end. But in any case, as luck would have it, we’ve hit upon the absolutely perfect lifestyle for slowing our perception of time to a crawl.

According to research summarised in this article, time seems to pass more slowly when we’re encountering novel events: it’s why you can look back at the end of a week’s vacation and feel like you’ve been there forever, yet a boring same-old-same-old work week flies by before you know it.

Changing “home” every month is nothing if not novel, and the same goes for constantly learning new things and executing new ideas. So we can chalk up another benefit to the digital nomad lifestyle: a longer life, subjectively at least.