The best wifi coffee shops in Boulder, Colorado

This isn’t one of them, but it illustrates the theme nicely

As digital nomads and people with few vices in life besides coffee, we take wifi coffee shops pretty seriously. We’re already rounded up our favourite spots in NYC, but we were nervous about Boulder: after all, no one’s heard of cold brew and they seem to have a bizarre fixation with chai.

But we’re made of stern stuff, and as long as there’s a parking space immediately outside we’re willing to give anything a go (hey, it’s a novelty after a few months in NYC). So here’s our round up of the best wifi coffee joints in town:


1695 29th Street, Suite 1260, Boulder, CO 80301

Peet’s is a West Coast institution – according to Wikipedia at least, as we’d never heard of it and assumed it was just Starbucks operating under another brand name. Actually, the similarity to Starbucks is because Peet and Starbucks were owned by some of the same people back in the early 1980s in some complicated way I don’t fully understand.

Fortunately, the similarity ends with the decor. You can order a ‘large’ instead of a ‘venti’, they sell a whole variety of different beans, and the cappuccino is a coffee rather than a frothy bucket of milk.

It loses points for only giving you an hour’s wifi with each purchase, but gains them back by playing nothing but classical music both times we went there. Classy, Mr Peet. Very classy.

Coffee: 4 stars
Wifi: 3 stars (it’s fast for the time you’ve got it)
Percentage better than Starbucks: 381%

The Unseen Bean

2052 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80302

OK, we didn’t actually go here, but it’s a Boulder institution so we need to mention it and hope no one reads this bit too closely and realises that we missed it.

The story is that The Unseen Bean is run by a guy who’s been blind since birth, and started roasting his own beans in 1994. That’s pretty cool, and people seem to love it, so you should probably give it a try even though we didn’t.

Brewing Market Coffee

1918 13th Street, Boulder, CO 80302

THERE WERE FREAKING BIRDS FLYING AROUND. That’s all you need to know about Brewing Market Coffee. I thought it was the coolest feature of any coffee joint I’ve ever been in, but it turns out it wasn’t deliberate:

Don’t all flock there at once ho ho

Still, someone else should take this avian motif and run (fly?) with it, because it was awesome. We didn’t try the coffee or the wifi, but they did have great smoothies.

Coffee: Unknown
Wifi: Er…

Ozo Coffee Co

1015 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302

Hate to be haterz, but we didn’t really get the appeal of this place. Yelpers seem to rate it as the best in town, but we found the wifi didn’t work too well and there wasn’t much of a vibe. Still, it was massive, had friendly staff and loads of tables, so maybe we just caught it on an off-day.

Coffee: 3 stars
Wifi: 1 star
Square footage: 1/3 the size of Wales

Folsom Street Coffee

1795 Folsom St, Boulder, CO 80302

There’s a car park. There’s a laundromat next door. There’s free wifi, great coffee, good music and seemingly all of Colorado’s coolest kids in attendance. What’s not to love about Folsom Street Coffee??

Actually a couple of things: the published opening hours are a lie (it seems to close at 6pm, not 8pm) and the chairs are as uncomfortable as being chased by a deer (which also happened to us in Boulder). But we rank a killer cappuccino and whizzy wifi above most things in life, so Folsom Street Coffee is officially our top spot in Boulder.

Coffee: 5 stars
Wifi: 5 stars
Mac-to-PC ratio: 30:1

Hey Boulderites, did we miss anywhere? Let us know in the comments if we did!