How can you build a fulfilling, profitable business, while travelling the world at the same time?

How can you win back your freedom, banish “Sunday evening blues” for the rest of your life, and travel permanently rather than just for two weeks a year?

Be a Digital Nomad contains the lessons we learnt in the year in which we quit our jobs, lived in 23 homes on three continents, and built several businesses.

You’ll learn:

  • Why building a business to be proud of while travelling the world is (almost) guaranteed to make you happier than you’ve ever been
  • Our formula for easily coming up with winning business ideas (plus some ideas of our own that you’re free to steal)
  • How to harness travel to make you more creative and more profitable
  • Some simple methods for dealing with the boring bureaucracy of travel and work
  • Our step-by-step guide to making money online

Note: The whole book is made up of posts that are freely available on this blog. Only buy the book for the convenience of having them all neatly categorised into one easy package.


Customer reviews on Amazon:

“The book is a perfect combination of “Oh my god, they’re in my head, that’s EXACTLY what I’m thinking!” and “Interesting, never thought of that!” The authors do a good job of balancing big picture talk and actionable specific step chatter. Inspiration and motivation with the former, proactivity and progress with the latter.”
“There are a lot of people writing about lifestyle design and sometimes they all sound kinda similar as the same ideas are parroted and re-hashed. But Mish and Rob have a unique voice and are really fun to read. I particularly enjoyed the parts about hypothetical interesting businesses that could be created and how one might go about it. Makes you want to go out and start something RIGHT NOW!”
“I really enjoyed the authors’ writing style- while giving an amazing amount of free info (some of which I’m already applying to my business), it’s also written in an entertaining way with some hilarious personal notes from the authors. I highly recommend this book whether you are wanting to break free of being tied to your location or if you are living the traveling entrepreneur life already and want to make things easier on yourself.”
“This is the type of book that empowers people to actually start taking action to discover an entirely different approach to life, business and travel. I was perpetually surprised by the detailed insight and information they shared. It’s very encouraging, helpful and funny to read.”
“Brilliant read! Mish and Rob come across as very likeable and trustworthy. Love their conversational style of writing, it’s the best business book I’ve ever read.”
“Both Mish and Rob have such an easy-going writing style that the book is quite impossible to put down. It’s jam packed with useful links, additional reading suggestions and hundreds of other tips to get yourself started. If this book doesn’t convince you that you can be both happy AND successful whilst experiencing the world, I’m not sure what would!”
“Mish and Rob don’t sugarcoat it in any way: leaving your 9-to-5 to create a successful, profitable business while travelling the world is tough – especially as they put so much effort into creating a business they’re proud of. But they show you through their own experiences how it can be done with fewer upheavals and panic attacks than you might fear. I’m going to give this book to every miserable 9-to-5er I know, because they need to stop moaning and do something like this couple have done.”
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