What does your dream year look like?

“A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do” – said someone who’s clearly better with words than he is at singing (Bob Dylan). 

We love this quote. We take the following points from it (even if Mr Dylan didn’t necessarily intend for us to do so): 

  • “Success” isn’t necessarily about lots of money; it’s simply about having the resources and time to do what we want to do every day. Some people might love taking long daily walks and having the time to read the newspaper all the way through; others might want to take their private jet out for a ride every morning, followed by a workout session with their personal trainer and a thrilling business meeting with a bunch of awesome entrepreneurs. 
  • Linked to this, “success” isn’t about other people’s definitions of success; it’s important to discover our own definition. 
  • It takes time, effort and (in our case) an awful lot of moving around, chatting with buddies and random Evernoted sentences to both understand our definition of success and then actually reach it.
  • It isn’t selfish to think like this: we all deserve to live our lives in a way that’s perfect for us. While we have certain obligations and responsibilities, we shouldn’t be made to feel guilty for wanting a different lifestyle or job from people around us. What works for others doesn’t work for everyone. 

We certainly haven’t reached our definition of success, but we’ve written down what our perfect year would look like. (A day’s quite hard, because – for example – Rob doesn’t want to eat mango and sticky rice every single day for the rest of his life, but he adores doing it for a few weeks every year.)

And by writing down our perfect year, we’ve got lifestyle goals – rather than purely business or financial goals – to aim towards. We know the kinds of things we want to be working on, the “passion projects” we want to set up, the countries we want to live in, the transportation modes we’ll ideally be using (eh hem… private jet), the Thai nannies we’ll be hiring, and so on. 

So… what would your successful day/year look like? What work will you be doing – and how much time will you spend on it? Where will you live? Will you do your own laundry? What car will you own? Think it all through, and let us know in the comments! Now that we’ve created our own lifestyle goals, we’re intrigued by everyone else’s.