Neglecting income in favour of curiosity


As you may know, we’re both huge fans of heuristics. And boy have we come up with a blinder for you this week: “If you’ve used up all the standard colours on your Google Calendar, it’s time to take a proper look at what’s taking up your time.”

Yes people, we’re now onto “Custom” calendar colours – and have discovered some delightful new turquoise, mustard and purpley hues as a result.

We’ve explained before about the method behind our maddening range of side projects – projects we work on in addition to our core business, Mortified Cow. But recently we’ve been seeing some side projects really take off, and we want to devote more time and energy to them.

So we’re going to gently put to bed some other projects that aren’t doing so great and aren’t keeping us excited. But there’s more! We’ve also made the very scary decision to decrease our Mortified Cow workload, in order to give the more successful side projects a fighting chance.

We’re not stopping Mortified Cow work completely. Not at all. We’re just going to be far pickier when it comes to our clients and the type of work we do.

You see, Mortified Cow sucks up a lot of time. And while we love our clients and the work we do for them, the effort:reward ratio is sometimes a bit skewiff. Not just reward in terms of money, but reward in terms of our own feelings at the end of a particular client project.

So 2014 is going to be a year of switching things up. Some side projects will have a nice long sleep, others will become our main projects, and there’ll be fewer Mortified Cow clients in order to fit everything else in.

And you know the coolest thing about all this? WE CAN! We’re so grateful that every day, we’re free to do whatever the heck we want. We can shift our focus, test new ideas, make potentially game-changing decisions THAT BLOOMIN’ EASILY. We’re in charge, and we can experiment to our heart’s content. Our experimentation could make us richer or poorer, and it could make us happier or sadder. But we’re willing to risk the downsides, because we’re eager to see what we can achieve. And we’re nosy: we want to have a poke around all different sorts of business models.

We’re going to be sensible about all this, of course. We’re planning, risk-assessing,SOPing and getting a bit bonkers about “processes”. And we’ve made sure we’ve got enough streams of passive income (books, property, etc.) to keep us well-lubricated on Spanish plonk while we downsize our client work and wait for other projects to start paying off.

As for what these side-projects-that-are-becoming-our-main-projects are? Well, Making It Anywhere is certainly one of them. The forum is another. And then we have a whole new property-related venture that we’re SO excited and eager to tell you about soon – although if you’re not into real estate, you may want to skip that announcement. Then there are books and training products, and we’ll share more about those in the near future.

In the meantime, we’ll rock-paper-scissors our way into deciding between #ffdd18 and #553bff as a new calendar colour. Yup: our priorities are damn straight.