10 things I now know about Barcelona

November and December are totally underrated times to visit You know how you look on TripAdvisor/Yelp/Foursquare (in ascending order of how cool you are) and you find a restaurant which the reviews say is awesome but “you have to wait like two hours for a table”? Barcelona is full of places like that. Except that in November, you can just saunter straight in at peak time and spread yourself out across three tables. Seriously: the place is empty of tourists (well, relatively), but the skies are still gloriously blue and…

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11 cities in 12 months: here’s what we think of ’em all

A selection of our bedrooms from the past year

In our FIRST FULL YEAR as digital nomads, we’ve lived in 11 different cities around the world – some for a couple of weeks, others for up to a couple of months. And OK so yeah… there are some we won’t be returning to in a hurry (absence, if anything, made the heart grow colder), but those places have probably given us some of the wackiest memories and the best opportunities to prove to ourselves that we really can have fun and hunker down anywhere. The vast majority of our temporary hometowns…

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Madrid – the next destination for digital nomads?

Our album is full of very similar photos

Berlin, Chiang Mai, Ubud, Ho Chi Minh City… travel to any of these destinations and you’ll find coworking spaces, trendy coffees and paleo breakfasts galore to cater for the influx of digital nomads. Madrid… not so much. But after spending four cumulative weeks here (one week back in May, and now three weeks this past month), we can confidently say that it’s our FAVOURITE place to be a digital nomad – in Europe if not the world. Here’s why: It’s cheap Not Chiang Mai cheap, but cheaper than most Western…

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Our new travel planning heuristic: the 4:1 rule

The other day I was calculating the number of days I’d spent in the US during 2011, because Amazon wanted to know. Obviously. Although I never did find out what my travel patterns from two years ago had to do with publishing a book, it did make me realise something: wow, our vacations used to be short! In fact, in 2011 we went on our honeymoon, and made it our longest vacation ever: a whole thirteen days to take in Vancouver and Seattle. (We also only took one laptop between…

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11 more things I know about Berlin

A bar on top of a shopping centre car park... and a bar at the back of a garden centre. Only in Berlin.

After 63 days, 100ish falafel balls, 50-odd meals out in the sunshine, 30 bang-on-time train rides and absolutely zero bike-related near-death-experiences (see below), we’ve reached the end of our time in Berlin. And what do we think, now that we’ve actually lived it like true Berliners rather than overexcited tourists taking photos of Checkpoint Charlie? Berlin is bloody brilliant. Best, funnest, happiest, loveliest city in Europe. And of course the most efficient. We were here back in April too, but now we’ve had a chance to really live here and get to…

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