11 more things I know about Berlin

A bar on top of a shopping centre car park... and a bar at the back of a garden centre. Only in Berlin.

After 63 days, 100ish falafel balls, 50-odd meals out in the sunshine, 30 bang-on-time train rides and absolutely zero bike-related near-death-experiences (see below), we’ve reached the end of our time in Berlin. And what do we think, now that we’ve actually lived it like true Berliners rather than overexcited tourists taking photos of Checkpoint Charlie? Berlin is bloody brilliant. Best, funnest, happiest, loveliest city in Europe. And of course the most efficient. We were here back in April too, but now we’ve had a chance to really live here and get to…

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Your 5-minute lesson on “enjoying the journey”

A 5-minute lesson on "enjoying the journey"

Us = never happy. (And bear in mind this photo was taken on Christmas Day. In Paris. By an ice-skating rink. And we'd just stroked a puppy. We're not even kidding.)

We had an exciting week in the Mish-and-Rob household. Here’s what happened: We were interviewed for the podcast Entrepreneur on Fire (Mish is still cringing at her answers and wishes she could do it all over again, but you know, pretty exciting nonetheless). We booked our trip to Thailand for next year. Rob got a book deal (for a book about property investment). We launched our forum, and it’s going mega-super-duper brilliantly already. We did some great work for a lovely client. We got to see the first designs for…

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How to stay motivated: stop thinking in terms of days and weeks

Stop thinking in terms of days and weeks

We're feeling as smug as these people look

You know how sickening it is to see those people with smug happy faces, wandering around looking all delighted because they think they’ve nailed life? (They normally live in places like Belsize Park, or the West Village, or Prenzlauer Berg. Well… this week we were those people. This week has been WONDERFUL (in a totally “us” way – in that it would probably bore the pants off you). We got ourselves a new and lovely client, we did great work for our existing clients, we made major breakthroughs with our side…

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Why we’re starting new business ventures

Why we're starting new business ventures

...And we're very excited about them all

We had “one of those weeks” this week. A week where a client was being a knobend (sorry clients who read this – we’re probably not talking about you if that helps), it rained a lot, we ran out of M&Ms and our motivation died a bit because we terrified ourselves into thinking about a lot of “what if?” scenarios and freezing up in the process. Yup, it’s #totallylameproblems in the scheme of things – especially as we’re still loving the vast majority of our client work and the rain…

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10 things I now know about Budapest

More serious and useful photos inside. Promise.

Budapest was once two cities  We didn’t know this, and we’re hoping others didn’t know this either – or else this is a pretty crap fact. There was Buda on the west bank of the Danube, and Pest on the east bank. The two cities unified in 1873, but there are still quite obvious differences between the two sides. Buda is very hilly, and as such has some beautiful views. The Castle District (District 1) is in Buda, and it’s packed with historic sights and attractions like the Royal Palace,…

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