How to travel the world as an introvert

BUDDIES! Around the world

While very few people are out-and-out introverts or extroverts (we’re all on a sliding scale), it’s pretty clear that Rob and I lean towards the introverted side in a big way. We’re not shy in the slightest: we’ll happily talk to pretty much anyone, and we don’t feel apprehensive about meeting new people. We don’t avoid social situations out of a lack of confidence, and we’ll eagerly walk up to those we don’t know and give them a cuddle (or shake their hand if they don’t look like the cuddling…

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How to be happy… despite occasional unintended consequences

Sol and Becky. Admittedly they didn't look quite this beautiful last week...

We can’t quite believe we’re saying this, but sometimes we’ll admit that there are more important things in life than wifi, M&Ms and a kettle Things like smoked salmon. And the start of the next season of The Bachelor.  Oh, and also things like health. 18 months ago, Mish’s brother Sol and his girlfriend Becky chucked in their corporate jobs and flew off to South America for a self-organised cycling tour. They had no idea how long they’d be away for – they just knew that, like us, a life that involved a gigantic mortgage…

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Madrid – the next destination for digital nomads?

Our album is full of very similar photos

Berlin, Chiang Mai, Ubud, Ho Chi Minh City… travel to any of these destinations and you’ll find coworking spaces, trendy coffees and paleo breakfasts galore to cater for the influx of digital nomads. Madrid… not so much. But after spending four cumulative weeks here (one week back in May, and now three weeks this past month), we can confidently say that it’s our FAVOURITE place to be a digital nomad – in Europe if not the world. Here’s why: It’s cheap Not Chiang Mai cheap, but cheaper than most Western…

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The digital nomad work-life balance… it’s a tricky one

Being in Madrid: definitely helps with the "life" part

We’re the first to admit that we have a tendency to overwork – in a “working hard rather than smart” kinda way. We obsess over tiny details at the expense of the bigger picture; we choose to make everything perfect before getting it out there; and we’ll happily fill any spare time with work-related activities. Heck, we even exercise to business podcasts – and lunchtimes are dedicated to training courses or entrepreneurial videos. But last week, we left our “home” country – where we’d been living for over two whole…

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Worried someone’s going to steal your idea? Here are 4 things you should worry about instead

Oh shut up.

“If you’ll just sign this NDA, and then we can get the project started…” “Before I tell you my business idea, please do keep it to yourself…” “Before I ask for your help with my business idea, please promise me you won’t try to steal it or anything…” Wow… are we notorious for being the kleptomaniacs of the business world or something? Or are people generally really secretive when they have a business idea? What many fail to appreciate is that a business idea – the vast majority of the time –…

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