Get some travel-related benefits without moving a mile

Absolutely no need to sleep on 25 unsuitable mattresses each year - like we do

Happiness (this week, for us) is… buying a bloody massive jar of instant coffee, the hugest box of oatmeal we can find, and food to go in the freezer – to eat at a much later date (whooooop!). Yup, after five weeks of travelling to four different countries, we’re staying put for two months – in Berlin. And boy are we ready for it. We can learn the most efficient way around the supermarket, suss out and stick to the best wifi cafes in the area, discover our favourite spot in the…

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How to make the most of your dead-end job

You might have noticed that we have strong opinions about jobs. We think they’re fine if you enjoy them and look forward to them and have some degree of autonomy within them. But if you’re a middle manager in an environment where you have no purpose, where you lack autonomy, and where you basically spend five days a week hating your life, we want you to quit. We want you to quit your job and do work you love on your own terms, for money you decide to charge. And although it’s…

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10 things I now know about Sofia, Bulgaria

Spot the Mafia dude (we excitedly assume) ducking behind the spring onions

1: The alphabet is Cyrillic And while that’s apparently no secret, we had no idea until the day before we travelled there (we were a bit behind on implementing our SOPs). And here’s the problem with Cyrillic: you can’t type it into Google Translate and see what the words mean. When you combine that with the fact that no one speaks a word of English, you’ve got two options for the duration of your visit: stay in your apartment, or wing it. We chose to wing it. Which resulted in unintentional…

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On digital nomadism and feeling free

FYI digital nomads don't necessarily HAVE to look so darn philosophical while drinking a coffee

For the first time, we’re in Berlin as digital nomads rather than tourists. And sheesh (or doner – there’s lots of doner kebab here) does it feel different from our previous trips to the city. In the old tourist days, we wanted to stay in hotels that were close to Yelp-recommended restaurants (or Lonely Planet, if we’re going properly “back in the day”). We wanted to be near both decent public transport and at least some of the interesting-looking tourist attractions. We couldn’t really give two hoots about what the hotels themselves…

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How to provide a client-facing service as a digital nomad (and save yourself from insanity)

This you won't be attending, whatever the date... and they need to know upfront

When we first launched our company Mortified Cow, we SUCKED when it came to knowing how to successfully provide a client-facing service while travelling the world. Even though we’d read a heap of stuff from people in the same position, and even though we thought we’d preempted lots of potential problems, in reality we were underprepared and more than a little bit dim. Launching a new business is hard enough, and while there are so many benefits to being a digital nomad (compared to providing a client-facing service while based…

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