10 things I now know about Park Slope

  1. If you’re not a baby, a parent, a lesbian or a dog, prepare to feel left out. 
  2. There are more restaurants, bars and cafes than people (I haven’t checked this out for definite, but I’m pretty sure it’s true). 
  3. Cafes and restaurants like to have two venues – one on 5th Avenue and one on 7th Avenue, or two on the same avenue – to catch all possible passing trade. (And we’re not talking massive chains like Starbucks here; ee Konditori, Zito’s, La Bagel Delight…)
  4. The F train is utterly useless. It’s stolen G’s crown as the worst train in NYC. 
  5. Maybe there’s more wind up here on the top of the slope, because a heck of a lot of car alarms go off in the middle of the night (and I’m pretty sure they’re not all caused by break-ins). 
  6. Best places for food: Bogota (amazing chicken), Purbird (yet more amazing chicken), Brooklyn Pita (fabulous kebabs), Kaz An Nou (cutest BYO French-Caribbean), La Bagel Delight (huge bagels, generously stuffed). 
  7. Best places to work: Red Horse Cafe (great wifi, good aircon, OK coffee), Tea Lounge (amazing atmosphere, great selection of drinks), DO MORE HERE.