10 things I now know about Boulder, Colorado

  1. Dachshunds – the people here are crazy about them. Which is weird because the people here are also crazy about trekking up mountains with their dogs. And I’m pretty sure there are many other dogs better suited to the job than dachshunds.
  2. Everyone says hi and everyone smiles. It took us a while to remember that we aren’t in New York and therefore these people aren’t clinically insane – they’re just friendly.
  3. It’s the wonderfullest thing to look up from the Covent Garden-like shops and street performers to see a honking big mountain in the distance. 
  4. It’s flipping hot in summer. 
  5. But it gets cold in the early evenings and early mornings – which is a lovely bit of respite. 
  6. People might tell you that it’s difficult and expensive to park in the city centre. If you’re from New York or London, the level of difficulty is akin to plonking your car in the middle of a massive, empty field that happens to be a few steps from your favourite restaurant. As for the expense… $1.25 for an hour. Basically, ignore those people. 
  7. The houses here are perhaps the prettiest I’ve ever seen.
  8. There isn’t much to do in the evenings, and the restaurants in the Pearl Street Mall area (a pretty, pedestrianised shopping district) are all shut by about 9pm. Your best bet for any sort of nightlife is to visit University Hill (“The Hill”) and hang out where all the students go. The bars and restaurants there are all great fun and very friendly, and you won’t feel like you’re encroaching on student turf.
  9. Boulderites do like their hippy stuff: many of the shops sell jewellery of the beaded kind, dream catchers, tie-dye clothing and incense.
  10. We haven’t actually eaten there, but there’s a cafe/restaurant on Pearl Street called Yellow Deli. We really wanted to go, because it’s one of the only places that’s open 24 hours. But we got scared. Because a man with a long beard welcomed us and started telling us about his cult. Some quick Googling revealed that other people are a bit scared of this place too. And it’s a shame, because it’s open 24 hours (although it shuts on the Sabbath) and it lets you “create your own sandwich”, which is one of my favourite things to do ever. So if anyone else has more guts than we do, please let us know what it’s like.