The definitive guide to getting the most out of Airbnb

Over the last two years, we’ve spent over 500 nights living in more than 35 Airbnb rentals…across 12 cities on 3 continents.

The benefits are huge – but wow was there a learning curve!

As a guest, you can easily waste hours trying to find the perfect accommodation within your budget – then be discouraged by being ignored or rejected by hosts when you try to book.

And for hosts, it can be a struggle to be found in the search results. And then there are all the potential problems of logistical nightmares, undesirable guests and bad reviews.

We’ve dealt with it all, figured it out…and now written a book to help you shortcut all the drawbacks and get straight to the awesomeness!

Airbnb Pro

Here’s what’s inside…

For guests:

  • Unearth bargain accommodation (even in expensive cities)
  • Weigh up how good each property (and host) is likely to be, before you even contact them
  • Get accepted by hosts first time, saving hours of searching and applying

For hosts:

  • Dominate the search results for your city and attract a constant stream of inquiries
  • Write your listing to attract your dream guests (and keep the nightmare guests away!)
  • The secrets to being an outstanding host (and getting outstanding reviews)
  • Doing it remotely: how to have guests when you’re on the other side of the world

For everyone:

  • How to communicate in a way that will avoid potential problems
  • Paying and being paid: how it all works
  • How to make sense of Airbnb’s (sometimes baffling) fee structure
  • Getting to grips with the legalities

Annnnnnnnd there are bonuses!

Airbnb Pro bonuses

Walkthrough videos:

  • Look over our shoulder as we find a bargain apartment in an expensive area
  • How to create a great property listing, step-by-step

Checklist for hosts:

  • Everything you ought to supply for your guests (and some nice extras)

So what are you waiting for?