Help us cope at airports!

rob at the airport
This is Rob’s “Airport” face – taken on day 1 of our honeymoon

We are massive stress-monsters at airports. I say “we”, but I mean “Rob”: he panics about getting there on time, getting through security, having overweight luggage…

And I admit I’m a terrible, terrible airport buddy to a stress-monster like Rob, because I’m happy to take a few risks: I figure they’ll let me on the plane with yoghurt, I decide that going over the luggage weight limit will be fiiine, and (this may be a controversial statement) I think being frisked is kinda fun.

We need help! We need your tips! We need to find out what you do at airports, to help us work out what we should do. We’re also pretty sure the results of our little survey will come in useful to fellow travellers, so we’ll share them with everyone in a couple of weeks.

You don’t need to include your name, but please do so if you’d like us to quote you or your website/Twitter feed directly.

Thank you muchly in advance!