Overcoming our fear of self-promotion

We’re in Barcelona! Did we mention that? We’re not sure. But we certainly didn’t write about the brilliant tour we went on the other day, or Instagram the gigantic sandwich we had for today’s lunch. Nor, come to think of it, did we tweet our opinions on Nigella’s downfall (although OMG, right?).

And this is what puts us in a bit of a funny position: for two people who are self-obsessed enough to send a weekly email about our exploits, we seem to completely lack the impulse to share details about our lives that the rest of the world has.

We’ve been thinking about it a lot this week, in the context of how we want to expand Making It Anywhere next year (hence the redesign we talked about last week). We know that we should really be Facebooking, Tweeting and Instagramming about our “amaaaaaazing” life non-stop to draw in new readers, but it just never crosses our mind.

Part of it is typical British reticence, sure: reading the self-promotional guff that certain other “lifestyle entrepreneurs” constantly post is guaranteed to spark an in-house bitching session at least once a day. But we doubt that one of our Facebook friends from back in the UK was trying to “shift more product” when she posted that “Keep forgetting it’s Sunday – don’t want Maggie to get in trouble if I forget to take her to school haha”, and it didn’t stop her wanting to share something about her life with the world.

On thinking about it this week, we decided that maybe it just never occurs to us to share the smaller things because we don’t see how they add value. In these newsletters we always try to include a general moral or learning point – we might fail sometimes, but we feel comfortable with the medium because we can convince ourselves that we’re helping you, not just serving ourselves.

But we’re being ridiculous and we know it: posting a picture of a gorgeous view of Barcelonetta beach won’t make people think that we’re showing off, or swear off us because we’re not providing mindblowing insights with every single interaction. It’ll be a nice way of sharing our experiences with our friends, might spark interesting discussions, and could even provide a business benefit in some indirect way.

So we’re going to start making a real, deliberate effort to share more of the little, non-business-related, non-totally-meaningful things on Twitter and Facebook throughout the week. And we’re relying on you to let us know if we ever stray too close to becoming part of the “Some people are just so two-faced I’m done with liars” or “Just had someone tell me they got loads of value from my webinar today – feeling great!” brigades, OK?

(If you’d like to share your own opinions on social sharing – or just bitch about your biggest pet peeves – we’re genuinely fascinated, so please let us know!)

  • “Simply brilliant?” Lord love you! Thanks!