You really can run (almost) any business from anywhere

Probably running a hairdresser in Idaho

In the six years since Tim Ferriss popularised running a business remotely, most people’s perceptions haven’t evolved that far: you can only do it with certain types of tech-based business, and only if you’re young and happy to live on the cheap. But several factors are aligning that’s making running any business remotely more realistic and desirable – and as a result, we’re hearing about a lot of people making the leap who don’t fit the typical “lifestyle design” mould. So why might we start to see way more businesses being…

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On travelling light(er)

We landed at Heathrow at 7pm last Thursday. By 8.20pm, we were home, fully unpacked and settled, and in the kebab shop (don’t judge). Admittedly it’s helpful that our new Airbnb place is so close to the airport, but still: we carry so little these days that unpacking takes minutes, and all our belongings fit into two drawers and a tiny bit of wardrobe space. Yes, the couple who carried a microwave around NYC (and that wasn’t even the stupidest thing) are down to a combined 30kg. And with the…

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How to decide between lifestyle business ideas

A better method than tossing a coin. (And you won't even have to Photoshop in a coin because your shutter speed is too slow.)

How do you know if your business idea is any good? Or more specifically, how do you know if your business idea is any good and it’ll be right for the lifestyle you want to create? Following on from a discussion we were having in our Anywhereists forum, I started thinking about the items you’d include if you were trying to come up with a checklist to evaluate lifestyle business ideas against. So here – broken up into different categories – are eight different factors you ideally want to put a tick…

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On digital nomadism and feeling free

FYI digital nomads don't necessarily HAVE to look so darn philosophical while drinking a coffee

For the first time, we’re in Berlin as digital nomads rather than tourists. And sheesh (or doner – there’s lots of doner kebab here) does it feel different from our previous trips to the city. In the old tourist days, we wanted to stay in hotels that were close to Yelp-recommended restaurants (or Lonely Planet, if we’re going properly “back in the day”). We wanted to be near both decent public transport and at least some of the interesting-looking tourist attractions. We couldn’t really give two hoots about what the hotels themselves…

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Think it’s hard to start travelling? Try stopping

We were recently back in London for a few weeks catching up with friends and family. Many of them seem baffled by our choice of lifestyle (or still think we’re on some kind of delayed gap year), but some are fascinated and keep bombarding us with questions about how we did it. Their perception seems to be that shifting to a life of travel is really hard. And while I’d have given you a different answer when I was trying to buy beachwear in London in December…it really isn’t. The…

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