Get some travel-related benefits without moving a mile

Absolutely no need to sleep on 25 unsuitable mattresses each year - like we do

Happiness (this week, for us) is… buying a bloody massive jar of instant coffee, the hugest box of oatmeal we can find, and food to go in the freezer – to eat at a much later date (whooooop!). Yup, after five weeks of travelling to four different countries, we’re staying put for two months – in Berlin. And boy are we ready for it. We can learn the most efficient way around the supermarket, suss out and stick to the best wifi cafes in the area, discover our favourite spot in the…

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How to build powerful productivity habits (even when you’re travelling)

This isn't just any old coffee... it's an Inbox Zero coffee

When I lived a “normal” life, I made bad decisions on autopilot. I’d stay up too late, and wake up just before I had to leave for work. I’d be in a bar, and automatically order an alcoholic drink. Then the glass would be empty, and I’d automatically order another. Now, I make good decisions on autopilot. And that’s no accident: starting this new life was hard, so I had to form habits that forced me to do what was necessary to make it work. The problem with habits is…

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How to make the most of your dead-end job

You might have noticed that we have strong opinions about jobs. We think they’re fine if you enjoy them and look forward to them and have some degree of autonomy within them. But if you’re a middle manager in an environment where you have no purpose, where you lack autonomy, and where you basically spend five days a week hating your life, we want you to quit. We want you to quit your job and do work you love on your own terms, for money you decide to charge. And although it’s…

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Enough dreaming already: now just freakin’ do it

Shiny objects: captivating, but can end up burning you (and not just if you admire them too soon after taking them off the stove)

It’s nearly summer. Offices will be emptying out as employees go off to enjoy their two weeks’ annual vacation (if they’re lucky). Graduates will be emerging and half-heartedly looking for jobs that don’t exist anymore. And you? You’ll be working hard on starting something brilliant that will open up a whole world of freedom and opportunities. Or at least, you will if you embrace Just Freakin’ Do It June. Yup, like Teen Dating Violence, Haitian Heritage and Celery (honestly, I’m not making these up), “just freakin’ doing it” needs its…

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10 things I now know about Sofia, Bulgaria

Spot the Mafia dude (we excitedly assume) ducking behind the spring onions

1: The alphabet is Cyrillic And while that’s apparently no secret, we had no idea until the day before we travelled there (we were a bit behind on implementing our SOPs). And here’s the problem with Cyrillic: you can’t type it into Google Translate and see what the words mean. When you combine that with the fact that no one speaks a word of English, you’ve got two options for the duration of your visit: stay in your apartment, or wing it. We chose to wing it. Which resulted in unintentional…

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