Thinking completely the wrong way about travel

The flexibility to change travel plans is great and all, but it plays havoc with our packing.

You know how Airbnb has basically revolutionised the way people travel? How our lives would be impossible without it? How you can get a wonderful apartment with a full kitchen for a fraction of the price of a tatty hotel room? Well we don’t care. DAMN we hate it this week. OK, after a calming green tea (Rob) and bowl of porridge (Mish), we’re willing to admit that it’s not strictly Airbnb’s fault. Really, we just left it way too late. Our plan was to go to San Francisco in…

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Why we’re starting new business ventures

Why we're starting new business ventures

...And we're very excited about them all

We had “one of those weeks” this week. A week where a client was being a knobend (sorry clients who read this – we’re probably not talking about you if that helps), it rained a lot, we ran out of M&Ms and our motivation died a bit because we terrified ourselves into thinking about a lot of “what if?” scenarios and freezing up in the process. Yup, it’s #totallylameproblems in the scheme of things – especially as we’re still loving the vast majority of our client work and the rain…

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How to transform (a lot of) reading into awesome ideas

Our survival depends on coming up with ideas to make our clients’ businesses better. And we’re often asked where we get them from. The honest answer is: we steal them. Usually we’re not sure where we’ve stolen them from. We might take an idea that we read was used in a different industry, or combine elements of three different things we read about. Sometimes we’ll think we’ve had a totally novel idea, but it’ll turn out to be based on a comment on a blog post from six months ago….

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How to crowdsource your accountability

The daily a text editor or search "puppies playing" on YouTube

After our self-imposed exile in Bulgaria and Hungary where our only means of communication was elaborate gesture, it’s one heck of a relief to be back in Berlin – a place where homeless people will ask for money in five languages, and Berliners have to order their coffee in English to suit the Australian baristas. Not only are conversations with the locals going better, but we’ve been meeting up with awesome digital nomads practically every day. And we’d forgotten how much we’re motivated and (urgh) inspired by chatting in person…

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10 things I now know about Budapest

More serious and useful photos inside. Promise.

Budapest was once two cities  We didn’t know this, and we’re hoping others didn’t know this either – or else this is a pretty crap fact. There was Buda on the west bank of the Danube, and Pest on the east bank. The two cities unified in 1873, but there are still quite obvious differences between the two sides. Buda is very hilly, and as such has some beautiful views. The Castle District (District 1) is in Buda, and it’s packed with historic sights and attractions like the Royal Palace,…

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