6 quick fixes to give yourself better inputs

Hanging out with entrepreneurial German/Austrian beekeepers: one of the best types of input.

When we were in Chiang Mai, we were happier than we are when we’re back in London. 35-degree weather and an abundance of mango smoothies probably has something to do with it, but it was also because we were hanging out with ambitious, positive people, and were totally disconnected from the mainstream media. Even in Chiang Mai though, we made ourselves unhappy quite a lot of the time by worrying about things beyond our control, or focusing on the downside of things that happened to us. We talk a lot…

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Why Anywhereism will make you happy

Ironic, really, that we're meant to be as happy as this bloke

We spend a lot of time working hard on difficult problems, confronting our shortcomings, and hanging out at airports. We suggest that people do the same, because it’ll make them happier. Our whole schtick is that doing the right work on your own terms is the key to happiness – even if it involves a lot of failure and taking-off-your-damn-belt-to-go-through-security along the way. We bang on about it a lot, so I figured I should look for evidence that backs up our position. And hey – turns out we’ve got…

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