Why Brooklyn Botanic Garden is frankly rather awesome

brooklyn botanic garden

This picture is the lamest of introductions to the kind of stuff you'll see there

Me and plants don’t have a happy relationship because I accidentally kill them all. It’s usually through neglect (accidental), but sometimes through force-feeding (accidental) and occasionally through chucking them in the bin (part accidental, part because their neediness overwhelms me. Correct: children are a long way off). When it comes to simply looking at/admiring plants and flowers and things, I’m no better. I’m just not very impressed by them. Roses are quite nice, I guess. And daffodils – they’re quite pretty. Beyond that, I’m about as interested as a carnivore…

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10 things I now know about Coney Island, Brooklyn

Coney Island boardwalk

Want to find some natural shade to sit in? Yeah, good luck with that – the Native Americans who used to inhabit the area called it the “land without shadows” because the beach remains in sunlight all day. There’s now only one small amusement park, as many of the original pre-war amusements were declared ‘tawdry’ and have gradually been closed down. Donald Trump’s dad used to own an amusement park on Coney Island, and battled with the city for years to get permission to build luxury apartments in its place….

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10 things I now know about Park Slope

If you’re not a baby, a parent, a lesbian or a dog, prepare to feel left out.  There are more restaurants, bars and cafes than people (I haven’t checked this out for definite, but I’m pretty sure it’s true).  Cafes and restaurants like to have two venues – one on 5th Avenue and one on 7th Avenue, or two on the same avenue – to catch all possible passing trade. (And we’re not talking massive chains like Starbucks here; ee Konditori, Zito’s, La Bagel Delight…) The F train is utterly…

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